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Central Florida Awnings is well known for excellent customer service and professional installation expertise. Two of our most popular lines include Sunsetter and Eclipse. Our awnings have a wide range of prices depending on the awning size, model type and the type of fabric selected. It's important to us that your specific requirements for your new retractable awnings are met, no matter how difficult or challenging the installation circumstances may be. When mounting your retractable awnings it’s important to understand that retractable awnings may look easy to install, but in fact they are composed of complex components that require precise and professional installation services. Let Central Florida Awnings show you how professional installation can give you durable and stable retractable awnings. We here at Central Florida Awnings hope our videos here can help you enjoy your beautiful retractable awnings for years to come!

Using led lights

adjusting uneven arms

reset awning stop limits

troubleshoot non-working awnings

adjust awning pitch

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