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How to Pick the Right Color for a Retractable Awning

By Central Florida Awnings

retractable awning can give your outdoor spaces shade when you need them and sun when you prefer a little extra warmth. While the functionality and ease of use provided by a motorized awning certainly make it a worthwhile investment, you also want to be sure that its appearance matches the rest of your home. Here are a few factors to help you make the right color selection.

Your Home’s Architectural Style & Color

Different fabric colors tend to work well with different architectural styles — for example, traditional style homes look great with colors, like forest green, navy blue, or neutral grays or blacks. On the other hand, a cottage-style or colonial home can look good with a striped awning featuring reds, dark blues, or greens.

retractable awnings

It’s generally hard to achieve an exact match between your awning and wall colors. Because of this, it is recommended to use your retractable awning as an accent color that complements the home’s color. Conventional accents use similar colors (such as a dark brown awning with beige siding), while others prefer bolder accents — like deep blue or green with a tan home.

Choosing Fade- & Stain-Resistant Colors

When choosing your retractable awning, it may be helpful to consider which colors will do best at hiding stains. After all, awnings are constantly exposed to sunlight, rain, dust, pollen, and other environmental hazards. 

Black and other dark colors are typically good at hiding stains. On the other hand, lighter yellows, blues, and greens tend to be more fade-resistant. Regular cleaning as per the manufacturer’s guidelines will be your best bet for keeping the awning looking its best.

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