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3 Tips for Selecting an Awnings Dealer

By Central Florida Awnings

Awnings remain in demand for many reasons, such as providing much-needed shade for certain areas, energy savings, and extended living space. If you’ve decided on this valuable investment, you may be wondering where to start. Step one is finding the right company. Here’s a closer look at how to select a dealer that will simplify the process and remain reliable for as long as you own your home. 

How to Find the Best Awning Company

1. Read Reviews

Visit Angie’s List® and Google® to look up reputable dealers in your area. Read their full profiles and reviews to learn how long each company has been in business and get an idea of the product selection, such as whether they offer retractable and smart-home options.

You may also find out what you can expect from customer service, what types of warranties are available, and if the company offers customized products. Once you’ve narrowed your selection down to a few providers, compare what each offers to help with your decision.

2. Find a Company That Specializes in Awnings

Focus on businesses that sell awnings and similar products, such as canopies, exclusively. Companies that sell these outdoor products as accessories usually don’t have team members with the knowledge or experience to provide detail-oriented services.

Specialized dealers also typically offer a much wider range of products as well as the ability to customize. Big box stores usually don’t provide these benefits.

3. Choose Family-Owned Over Corporate

If you can, opt for a family-owned business instead of going the corporate route. Not only will you receive more personalized service and attention, but you also won’t have to worry about cumbersome returns because you bought from an online store.

Working with a local company minimizes return chances since team members will assist you through every step of the buying process. If you do have to make a return, it won’t be as challenging because the business is nearby instead of requiring a complicated shipment.

If you’re looking for awnings to keep your patio cool and comfortable, contact Central Florida Awnings in The Villages, FL. Also find us in Orlando, FL and all parts of Central Florida! We work with top brands like SunSetter® and Eclipse ®. Visit the website for a selection of awnings and canopies. To request a consultation, call (844) 629-6464. 

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