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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Retractable Awning

By Central Florida Awnings

retractable awning is a valuable addition to your home, offering a precious oasis in the Florida sun and reducing your air conditioning costs. There’s a reason these features are seen throughout warm-climate regions. If you’re planning to install one, it’s helpful to know what to do when choosing a model—and equally important to know what mistakes to avoid. Here’s a closer look at some common errors in judgment. 

What Not to Do When Buying a Retractable Awning for Your Home 

1. Foregoing Measurements 

You may think you can simply guess how large your awning needs to be to provide shade in the designated space—or that a small one partially covering the area would be fine. However, making an estimate could lead to dissatisfaction with the product. For this reason, be sure to measure the area you want the awning to cover, taking stretching and legroom into account. 

2. Using Waterproof Material

It may sound sensible to get a canvas made from waterproof fabric, but such materials tend to trap humidity, making it uncomfortable for you to sit underneath it. You’ll be better off with a water-resistant material, such as a tightly woven acrylic, that lets oxygen flow through it while minimizing damage due to water and UV rays. 

3. Dismissing Aesthetics 

retractable awningsGetting an awning that matches the style of your home sounds like a fun and interesting way to enhance its appearance. However, if there’s a chance that you’ll move sometime after installing it, consider choosing one that might look good anywhere so that it doesn’t disrupt the aesthetic of your next home. For example, neutral colors like black, brown, gray, white, and blue will complement a wide range of home styles.

4. Choosing a Cheap Model

From the product itself to the company that installs it, you may be tempted to make the project as inexpensive as possible. However, low costs typically result in poor quality and inexperienced installers. To feel confident that your retractable awning is made of top-notch materials that will stand the test of time and the Florida sun, make room in your budget to pay for quality and expertise. 

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