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3 Benefits of Retractable Screens

By Central Florida Awnings

Your home’s awnings protect windows, entrances, and the patio area, but a retractable screen can add another dimension as you guard the family against the outdoors. For example, screening a window or porch is a great way to enjoy the fresh air without being attacked by swarms of bugs. A traditional solution is to affix permanent screens around outdoor seating areas and across entry points, but a retractable screen has several unique advantages that are well worth considering.

Why You Should Get a Retractable Screen for Your Home

1. Out of Sight When Not Needed

If you’re like many homeowners, you don’t want screens to constantly be in place. After all, some days are just too nice to enjoy with a barrier between you and the outdoors.

Fortunately, a retractable screen is designed to automatically pull up when not in use, and there’s no need to install an extensive permanent framework to support the screen. The screen rolls up into a discreet housing unit that will hardly be noticeable.

2. Child-Friendly


A standard porch screen can easily be damaged when children lean against it or accidentally run into it. These impacts can bend the frame out of alignment or even cause tears in the screen. 

Because a retractable screen isn’t glued into place on a set of tracks, it has more give. This allows it to withstand wear and tear from kids and pets, so you don’t have to worry about extra maintenance and repairs.

3. Improved Accessibility

As nice as a standard screened area is, trying to work the patio door can be an annoying inconvenience—particularly if you’re trying to enter or exit with your hands full. Retractable screens use a one-touch button to retract the screen into its housing unit, so there’s no need to put everything down or awkwardly try to prop the door open.

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