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3 Helpful Tips for Cleaning a Fabric Awning

By Central Florida Awnings

Retractable awnings over home windows, doors, and patios do an excellent job providing shade and enhancing a home’s exterior appearance. Though fabric is more versatile than its metal counterpart, it does need additional care and maintenance to stay clean and free of tears. Luckily, a few simple tactics will help preserve the integrity of the material.

How to Keep Fabric Residential Awnings Clean

1. Wash Seasonally

Stains from roof runoff, debris from gutters, and dirt from the environment can leave stains on fabric over time. A good way to keep the material attractive and prevent stains is to wash it once every season. Some retractable coverings, like those on window awnings, are small enough to remove and clean in a washing machine. However, if stains have already set into the fabric, you may need to carefully scrub the affected area with mild soap and a soft-bristled brush.

2. Prepare for Washing


Though you may machine-wash some fabric coverings, it’s also possible to use a hose, extended scrub brush, and a mild detergent to clean them without needing to disassemble anything. However, it’s helpful to do some preliminary cleaning before getting the fabric wet.

Carefully remove cobwebs, dirt, leaves, and other debris from the top and underside of each awning. Some types of waste, like spider webs, are easier to remove when dry. While you’re at it, consider eliminating organic waste from the gutters or roof above the coverings to prevent debris from falling onto the freshly cleaned awning. 

3. Use the Appropriate Solution

Fabric awnings are designed to hold up to weather exposure, but the material can still be too delicate for harsh chemical cleaners. Ideally, your cleaning solution should be a blend of lukewarm water and laundry detergent. That combination is effective for removing a substantial amount of dirt and grime without damaging the material. 

Additionally, a mix of soapy water with a small amount of bleach may help remove stains and mildew. After applying the solution, gently scrub both sides of the awning, and rinse thoroughly with a hose. 

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