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4 Frequently Asked Questions About Retractable Awnings

By Central Florida Awnings

Retractable awnings offer shade whenever you want, such as over the patio while you’re watching the grandkids play in the pool or entertaining guests on a Sunday afternoon. If you’re looking for a solution that’s more versatile than fixed awnings, you may have some questions about how retractable models are installed and maintained. Here’s a closer look at the answers.

What Florida Residents Want to Know About Retractable Awnings

How do they work? 

An awning can be retractable using one of two mechanisms: manual and motorized. Manual awnings feature articulated arms that stagger the opening and closing processes, relying on a crankshaft to operate. The first arms, or those closest to the awning material, are typically spring-loaded, while the other arms furl and unfurl as needed. Motorized versions rely on telescopic arms, or gas-filled cylinders that pull and push the awning in and out when you hit the connected button. 

What does installation involve? 

A technician will install the products directly to your home’s exterior walls, fascia, or soffit in light of your preferences and your home’s architectural style. They’ll use mounting brackets to install the features, which must be at least 8 feet off the ground for safety purposes. 

Any awning lower than 8 feet risks contact with people and pets, such as a contractor who needs to install an air conditioning unit or an overly curious canine who mistakes the material for a toy. Awnings mounted 8 feet or higher also prevent tall people from accidentally hitting their heads. 

Where should I have them installed? 

Get retractable awnings installed where shade is required, such as over a patio, balcony, deck, or south-facing windows that endure intense sun. Awnings help homes stay cool and comfortable in addition to providing outdoor shade, which helps reduce stress on your air conditioning system to save money and energy. They also prevent UV damage to decks, balconies, outdoor decor materials, and interior furnishings near windows. 

How can they be customized? 

These awnings come in a variety of hues and striped patterns to match or complement house color schemes. Custom sizes are also available, such as those that cover an entire patio setup or extend from a pool house to the pool. Double-deck awnings provide another customization option that offers UV relief on both sides of an outdoor space, such as a deck on one side and a shade garden on the other. 

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